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    Very interesting reading!
    By Lynn

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    I have read all of these posts with great interest. It saddens me to find that so many of us are overburdened and stressed by our daily responsibilities. I too, feel many days that I am on the same treadmill of trying to get everything done, keep everybody happy, and still be enthusiastic about going to school everyday. What concerns me even more is that I have spent many, many years completing both a bachelors and masters degree and I have also put ten years of teaching in with great success. I am now however, trying to start a family and realizing how impossible it is to combine everything due to our overwhelming job demands. It seems as though some things should be easier. My wishful thinking includes smaller class sizes, increased assistance in the classroom for students who need extra support, and it would be so nice to have a block of time per week to complete organizational tasks and lesson planning at school. In the past two years, I have started to limit the time I put into my work. My priorities place my family FIRST and I now place myself high on the list. I keep work at school and I keep worry at school. I no longer let negative parents influence my self-image, but rather I am comforted by the fact that I put 100% of effort into my job when I am there. These practices have actually helped me enjoy teaching more, live more, and enjoy my family more. Sorry for rambling but it sure felt great to write all these thoughts down!

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