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    What about our unions?
    By Chasin those test scores

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    Hey, I am a 2nd year teacher chasing test scores, jumping through hoops and putting on the clown make-up, etc. etc.

    Everyone at my school has all the same complaints! We just had a faculty meeting where the same old police and firemen made the same presentation they did last year for 80 minutes!

    I am not tenured, so I vent here. However, my question is why am I paying $350 dollars a year to be in a union that is allowing this mindless dribble to continue!

    Whatever happened to contracts, collaborative bargaining, and strikes? There is a massive shortage of teachers out there and the majority people don't have the work ethic to put up with this inefficient crap day in and day out!

    This country could save millions, if not billions on easing up on this tests and test analyses.

    Well, thats my vent for today......

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