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    By Marie

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    I also am having a really tough year and have been VERY STRESSED. I have finally gotten to the point that I hade to look at my priorities. At work my kids are number 1. I make sure I am focused on them and try not to think of anything else but them and what they need. All the paperwork, meetings, and all the crap gets done when I get to it, but I will not stress about it. If it gets done it gets done, if not, well...

    I am no longer working from 5 am to 5 pm. I get to work at 7 and leave by 3:30 (sometimes 4) and I take very lttle work home with me. I have found that this is not making me a worse teacher- in fact I am better because I am no longer so stressed. Granted I am not turning things in to administration on time (or at all)but oh well.

    I do have the benefit of the fact I am doing two teachers jobs (we have a long term sub, and subs are not allwoed to do the IEPs and other paperwork for special ed- so I am doing all of mine and all of hers) so my administrator is sympathetic and knows that I may not get all the little things done, and not everything will be done on time.

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