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    Life is a Bowl of Cherries
    By Working 9 to 5? WHAT A JOKE!

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    TAAS Practice Benchmark Tests (taking up 3 full days of instruction time), 9-Week Assessments, fill out a form for each test to indicate the number of test questions/ the number each student got correct, calculate percentages passed, fill out a 3 page survey on technology for a grant we may/may not get, watch a CAP video (on your own time) and take quiz, have other forms filled out and in to me by 10:00 (it is now 9:00) {What are my kids supposed to be doing???}, plan time is 45 minutes but most of that is taken up with more meetings, time after school is for After-school tutorials, any faculty meeting usually lasts until AT least 4:30 (school is out at 2:30), oh, you need to be integrating and having "hands-on" lessons... but create those in your spare time because there is another meeting to go to where we will fill out more forms, oh..... AND by the way, the state assessment will be SOO hard this year and in years to come that the indicators show you will probably be a low-performing school (even though you are now recognized), I get to work at 6:30 AM and usually leave around 5:00. Plus put in numerous hours of my time. I have no children right now and have an addictive personality. I LOVE this job, however, you pretty much have to be Superwoman to do everything that is expected of you. I am all for assessing, re-evaluating, modifying a plan of action if neccessary, I am 120% for the KIDS, but some of the expectations are getting to be alittle too much. When did we become babysitters-secrataries-and-office managers??? I thought we were emplyed to taech and make learning enjoyable for our students and ourselves. I- call me crazy- thought I was supposed to develop a love in children and respect for knowledge. I am only 24 and know I have many things to learn in life, but at some point I would like a family (child) of my own to worry about and obsess over. I don't noramlly complain and have a smile on my face MOST of the time, but I cannot be a bottle ANYMORE. I feel much better now that I have VENTED! Thank you. (My husband thanks you to!)

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