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    My worst day ever...
    By I agree

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    This is about the worst day I have ever had. We have had meetings all day about our tests. My grade has the highest scores in our district -- but what do they want us to do?

    They want us to adopt a new math program that is not manageable without paraprofessionals (which we do not have). Because of schedules, we cannot meet together for planning, I have no parent support for my classroom, I come home every day exhausted. I have to turn in lesson plans every week that are never read, every time I turn around there is a form I have to fill out, a new procedure I have to follow, a new committee to serve on.

    I used to get compliments on work that I do, but now I realize that they are insincere attempts to flatter me into being on some other committee or heading up some other "after school" project.

    My family wants me to try for another school. I really wanted the school where I am, but I really don't feel the principals here care about the teachers -- they merely see us as tools for increasing the test scores through whatever the latest program is that they see fit. And, I have discovered that a coworker who volunteers for everything, has put down my grade level because of our hesitation about this new math program. (Because that person is in charge of it.)

    If I could take my kids and lock myself up in a room with only a piece of chalk and a slate, I think I could be a better teacher than with all this crap dumped on me. All the self-contained teachers are at their breaking point and NOBODY gives a crap. We just get dumped on with more and more and more. This pressure to reach these freaking test scores is unbelievable. The administration doesn't care about these kids. They only care about their public image.

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