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    I will be accountable
    By JulieP

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    Wow. This is a HOT spot for me. Let me just start by saying that I do not have any children yet. That said, here I go... It BURNS ME TO NO MEANS when my brothers or sisters or ANYONE with school age children take this attitude that the teacher is always wrong, their child is always right. If anything happens it is the teachers fault, because their children could never do wrong. AUGH!!! I didn't pop the kid out of my womb. You did. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY AND BE ACCOUNTABLE INSTEAD OF PUSHING IT OFF ON EVERYONE ELSE. THE SYSTEM IS THERE TO SUPPORT YOUR CHILD, NOT RAISE HIM/HER! IF HE/SHE FAILS IT IS JUST AS MUCH YOUR FAULT. IF HE/SHE SUCCEEDS, IT IS NOT JUST TO YOUR CREDIT. These parents are the ones that vote on bond issues and are loud at PTA and board meetings. When the districts get away from passifying spoiled parents, then change will be allowed to take place.

    Those of you with children will probably greatly relate to what I say next. My children are going to be so deprived of weak attitudes in school. After being on the other side of the desk as a teacher, I could never walk into another teachers room, even my child's, and blame her/him solely for my child's problems, attitudes, etc. My husband and I were raised on the saying, The teacher is your authority figure and is always right. Our children will be brought up on the same philosophy.

    I think part of the problem is also the media. How often do you hear about a great teacher? No, you hear about psycho teachers that tie their students to chairs, or districts and schools that perform low on achievement tests...

    Wow. I feel better now.

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