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    It's like this sweetheart, this is your role...As a teacher/educator, your role is to...spend your own money to provide incentives for your students and purchase materials to decorate your room;teach everyone how important education is; counsel students who have one type of schyndrome or another; tap dance and jump through hoops around the administrators, woof down lunch in 15 minutes, develop a STRONG BLADDER; possess excellent classroom management skills for a clas of no less than 35 students; learn to STACK PAPERS NEARLY (this gives the illusion that you're actually filling out some of the SRUPID forms you're asked to fill out during instructional time); plan educational trips and PRAY that all students bring in the money because you can't leave anyone behind due to their inability to pay; prepare students to take MAJOR ASSESSMENT tests in the spring which they must pass (these scores reflect how well you teach according to some administrators); provide tissues, pencils, crayons, markers, pens, paper, journal books;take papers home to mark every day; go to REQUIRED professional development twice a month and KEEP A SMILE AT ALL TIMES!!! (What a bargain for under $50,000)!!!
    Notice I never mentioned PARENTS!! When THEY'RE held accountable, that's when I will be. I used to teach kindergarten (Now 4th grade, not much better); one question...How can a 5 year old come to school and not know a single color, letter, number, shape or even their BIRTH GIVEN NAME?? It's MY fault!! Yeah right!!
    RELAX, do your best,PRAY and ROLL WITH THE PUNCHES!!

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