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    By Carolyn

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    Because I am an elementary teacher, I can't normally accept responsibility for teaching another teacher's class. They usually fill in with our instructional aides whenever teachers are out and there is no sub available. However, my husband is a high school teacher. He has had to fill in for teachers who were absent, and he has also not been paid for it. In a middle school where he worked several years ago, he must have subbed for teachers a total of 25 days during the school year--all during his planning period. No compensation. It is no wonder that so many teachers feel that they will be compensated by taking a day off themselves when they aren't getting paid for the extra work they do. However, this compounds the problem, unfortunately.

    I occasionally have to go to a meeting during my planning period. Whenever my guidance counselor suggests a meeting during my planning period, I usually suggest to her that we meet after school instead. I really need that break, and I have to get things done. This is also the only time teachers can take a potty break.

    We have so precious moments to ourselves during a day that it's probably a good idea to suggest another time when somebody wants to take away your planning period.

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