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    As a professional,
    By cindyteacher

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    if you have a complaint about another teacher's practices, you must speak with that person directly. If you are a part of a union, those other teachers may put a grievance against you. I know I would.
    My other concern, why can't you approach your principal (not that you were warranted)? And if you can't, then you should be speaking with your union rep.

    Really you should be looking at the your coworkers as a whole. If they are coming in late or not decorating their bboards, what ARE they doing? Are you sure they are not staying later? Those people who decorate their boards, are they doing it during instructional time?? What is better, teaching or decorating? Is the teacher that is not decorating her bboards using the time to conference with her students or TEACH them instead?? You may value decorating, he or she may value teaching.

    I know a teacher who walks in 5 minutes before the bell. However, she helps her kids at all recesses (15, 40 and 15 min.). She stays late after school for 2 hours. Now really, can anyone complain about her? I guess you could, but then she could show up 25 minutes before the bell, not help her kids at recess, decorate during instructional time and leave right at the bell? What makes a better teacher??

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