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    Betterment of the children??
    By angelluv8778

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    1 Are the children unsupervised?

    2 How are not having BB effecting the learning of the children?

    3 How are the duties effecting the learning of the children?

    4 Are you bitter with yourself because you are a rule follower and want to live on the wild side and break the rules??

    5 Is what you really want is recognition for the right things you are doing by pointing out the negatives in others?

    6 Is your administrator not supportive enough or interested enough in the school and you feel it is your job to point that out to her?

    I am in your shoes that sometimes I really want to be irresponsible and do what my other co workers do, but I cant. I want to be enjoying my Saturdays and Sundays and worry about my lesson plans on Monday mornings, but I can't. That doesn't make my co workers horrible people. It drives me insane when I see their chaos and I do think to myself that they should put in more work, but reality, its not my business and it is my own issue. As long as the children are safe and are learning, everything else is a personal problem that you really need to look at for yourself. I know it can be frustrating because a rule is a rule, but trust me just as you are watching others break the rules, someone is watching you follow them and you will get the recognition that you deserve and I think it what you want from your Administrator hence the anonymous letter.

    I'm not trying to be mean or anything, I just want to give you some food for thought....what was your real motivation in sending this "letter"

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