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    By tripteach

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    My experience has been that when someone "informs" on other staff it just makes it worse for everyone. Usually administrators don't have the guts to just enforce rules on the offenders, they punish all. The "powers that be" usually lays down the law on everyone and then everyone ends up suffering in the long run. I have learned to just do my own job to the very best of my ability and I don't worry about the other teachers/staff in my building.

    The only time I would go to my principal about another staff is if I saw them educationally, physically, mentally, or emotionally hurting/harming a child. And then I would do it in person. I guess having a teacher arrive late to building is annoying to the other staff but is it really harmful to the students?? Same goes with the bulletin board- it just really ain't hurting nobody... Sometimes things like bulletin boards bug me too and then I just put up something on them.

    Just do your job to your best, take a deep breath, and you will a happier teacher. Trust me, i used to be more like i just let it really is easier...breathe ;)

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