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    aide problems
    By Laura

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    I had the same problem with my aide last year. I asked her to make two copies of a handwritten piece of paper for me one day, and she came back with 200! I couldn't believe it, I thought it was my fault. But even when I wrote out copy instructions and told her what I wanted and asked if she had any questions, she would still come back with it all wrong. Soon I was arriving at work early or staying late to do things that she would always mess up, being copying or cutting out. I even had to start correcting the kids papers because even with a master, she would grade them wrong. My mentor (this was my second year teaching!) noticed that I was seeming pretty stressed and I finally told it all. He had me go tell the principal, and that's when the principal confided to me that they had problems with her before, he was just hoping that it was a chemestry problem between the her and the past teacher, and not really her imcompitence. I was pretty mad that I wasn't told this information. In our state teachers do the evaluations for aides, and the previous teachers had been nice and given her passing marks. Even though I knew I would have to see her everyday, I gave her a fair but truthful evaluation. She cried and carried on, but her work didn't improve. She just isn't cabable. Unfortunatly, she has tenure and is still working in the same school. She is no longer my aide, but is working with a half day kindergarten teacher and supervises lunchroom duty the rest of the day.

    Together we tried to come to an understanding of expectations well before I evaluated her, but she just couldn't do any better. I know I must sound like a mean and nasty person, but I really did try. We would talk about what I needed her to do in the class, and how she should do it. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a picky person, but if I needed her to correct the spelling test and they ended up all wrong, it certainly wasn't my fault. There's a good chance your aide moved schools for a reason. Have you talked to your principal about her to find out why she transfered to your school? Not everyone is cut out for the busyness and organization it takes to be a teacher or a teachers aide.

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