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    Me too at two years
    By Reggie

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    This is my second year of teaching, the ninth week and I an already rethinking teaching.

    I can't imagine putting up with this for eleven years! Have you ever transfered? I am thinking about this -- but would it just be like starting all over again somewhere else? I am thinking of transferring up or down a grade to get away from the bad attitudes. Have you ever done that?

    The teachers I work with are so whiny and negative (so am I now.) We have to start up new reading, math, computer grading, plus committees, professional development, etc., etc. I am tired and sleepless. On the weekends I just nap all afternoon.

    Part of the teacher whining is because of all this stress. So, I just want to avoid them, and one in particular (she is just loud and obnoxious). I love my students but dread lunch and recess. Thank God we don't have planning together.

    And, my principal is always asking me questions about forms and procedures (which I have done, she just can't find, etc.) Then, as a new guy, I am stuck teaching the tutoring after hours, etc.

    I love my kids, but I am so tired and stressed I don't feel that I have enough time to plan fun things to do. I am always running to catch up. For me, the only positive feedback that I get are the wonderful hugs from my kiddies. I do love them all. But, being "on" all day is wearing me out......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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