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    Don't give in
    By Mary

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    Your crybaby is a manipulator. How you handle him will be up to your philosophy. If you would like for the students to choose how they will be disciplined, then letting him choose time-out or tickets is fine. That method sometimes works with difficult behavior problems. If you want to have a firm set of consequences then it is not his desicion how he is disciplined. If he be it. If he sits out own at is his loss. Once again he made his own choice for his behavior. If you have a firm set of consequences then I think the other kids are justified in their feelings. Why should they behave and follow consequences if you can cry and choose how you want to be disciplined? Some situations in a classroom call for bending the rules.

    I have a child just like you described in my class. I try to treat him just like the others. I try to prevent situations that will set him off. He gets violent when he gets angry. He kicks walls and chairs, etc... I worry everyday that giving him a consequence will set him off. The funny thing is that his behavior has improved dramatically since I have been treating him like the others. He is finding out that I can not be manipulated. I try to treat all the kids with respect. I wish you the best with this challenging child.

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