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    By Helen

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    I have a student who does this, he goes to the SPED teacher for 1/2 a day. He is developmentally delayed. He seems pretty bright in some areas but may do 1/2 an assignment correctly and then say," Don't Know What Do"
    Over the years I have has others like this. I too have had them repeat the directions to me and have done the "Ask Three and then me" formula.
    Sometimes they seem to out grow it. Continue to encourage him to repeat the directions and/or tell him to tell you what he is going to do.
    You might make a referral on him in order to rule out physical problems ( hearing, vision, etc and to see if there is some learning problem.)
    You could also suggest to the parent that the child receive a good physical with the Dr. being told of academic concerns...ex. could (sp?) petite mal seizures cause some of the confusion.
    You sound like a very concerned teacher..don't give up!

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