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    Possible answers?
    By j

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    Could it possibly be that he is used to people answering and doing everything for him? By seven, he needs to start becoming a bit more self-sufficient. Do you think it would help to 1) have him ask two other students before he asks you a question?--I teach older kids and this cuts down the number of questions for me, 2) could you give him maybe five(or more) sticks and then he must give you a stick for every question he asks you--not including emergency, etc, 3)calling on him to repeat back the directions to the class--not all of the time, but more often than other students. He may begin to pay more attention if he believes you are going to ask him.

    Check with his mother as to how he is at home. Does he do a lot of things for himself, does he follow her all day asking for things, does she "voluntarily" do everything for him? Okay, you may want to skip that, or phrase it better.
    I have had students who seemed as though they don't realize that they are asking these things, and yes it happens with all ability levels. Some kids appear as though they are scared to death to make a minor mistake! So they keep asking.

    This year in sixth grade, I am having a similar problem with my kids. No one quite as clingy as your student though.

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