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    Hang in there
    By JulieP

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    I know how you feel. My first year was reversed. I had a majority of behavior problems and four or five great kids. A normal behavior plan was not an option. I had to deal with each child in a different way to be effective. I elliminated a lot of disturbances from one child by allowing her to walk next to me holding my hand anytime we went anywhere in the school. (May not apply to your level)If you are honest with your students about the need for some students to have different plans of action, the majority will understand.

    I did find one thing that seemed to almost completely extinguish complaining in my classroom. When a student complained about anything, my response was this: "If life was fair, Mrs.P would be on an island in Tahiti with a cabana boy to do everything for her."
    After awhile, the other students would take the lead if someone in the class complained and remind them about life being fair.

    Have you read about Love and Logic? It wasn't 100% effective, but it seemed to really work on my problem students, and reduced the stress on me.

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