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    By cvolcteacher

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    Hi Smar,

    I was considering doing a lapbook for my penguin theme but decided I didn't have enough time to get one together right now. There's a lot of information about building lapbooks online and I can direct you to a few sites. Sometimes they are called "foldables." Google searches of these words will provide a lot of links. There are even some very good youtube movies showing how to make lapbooks. Mostly they seem to be popular with Christian and homeschooling families who kindly share many of their lapbooks online.

    Last year I did one with my teaching partner on the theme of Canada and it turned out very successfully. Basically, a lapbook is made from a file folder that is folded to create a book. Some lapbooks are more extensive and larger; made with two file folders. On the front you would put a title, perhaps artwork and then inside and on the back you would put all kinds of tiny projects.

    Things like a life cycle wheel, an envelope containing a little book, pull-out accordion books with facts, and on and on and on. You could have some kind of tiny board game etc. There are many different ideas available. I'm not sure why they don't seem to be very popular in public schools. I think the overall idea is really neat. I know that our kids were very motivated to do a good job of their Canada Lapbooks last year because they could see how good it looked as they added each new piece.

    Personally, I like the kind that are more unique than the ones I see online. In other words, I like to have the kids do more than fill in the blanks etc. I like them to do their own artwork, make their own books, do their own writing etc.

    If you were thinking to do a penguin lapbook, you might have them do a section on the blubber glove experiment. Beside it could be the waxy feather with crayon experiment mentioned above etc. You'd probably have a map of where penguins live, some penguin poems etc.

    In our Canada Lapbook we focused on the symbols of Canada.

    We had:

    -a 3-d totem pole on the cover. It was glued to a flap. Under the flap they wrote what they learned about totem poles.

    -a movie review of "Paddle to the Sea" - the kids wrote about the movie which featured rivers, lakes and oceans of Canada

    -a felt pocket with a Canada button to keep it closed. Inside were the words to a song we learned called "Canada in my Pocket." The song features all the animals on the Canadian coins.

    -The kids painted a Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman/woman

    -We had a map of Canada showing where we live

    -We had a list of the coins with it's value Penny=1 etc.

    -The kids made Inuit inukshuks out of rocks - A parent took their photos with their creation as they built them outdoors.

    -Artwork of an inukshuk made with black construction paper and mounted on a rainbow type background.

    -They made a Maple Leaf "flag" paper quilt square

    - They made a book of the coins of Canada and explained the various animals on the coins: beaver, caribou, loon, polar bear etc. The book was coin shaped.

    They made a beaver puppet with Chicklet gum for teeth! This was mounted on a flap and under the flap they wrote about whatever they learned about how beaver trapping was an important part of Canadian history.

    Anyway... here are the links I have that could get you started with lapbooks:

    Have fun with these!

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