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    Hunter S. Thompson
    By maryteach

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    was a total counter-culture hero. He did an expose on the Hell's Angels that was really good (like it or not, the Hell's Angels were a big part of that whole time period). You have to be very selective, in eighth grade, about what you can use from this author, as it's laced with profanity. You could use an excerpt or two though, as this was a journalist who really had his finger on the pulse of the counter-culture. You just can't use his whole book(s).

    Other truly authentic, but not often-mentioned names from that time:

    Angela Davis
    Stanley Owsley
    Malcolm X

    The writings of the first and the third would be worth looking at. We teach kids so much about MLK and all the mainstream stuff. The real stuff of the 60s, though, was the counter-culture stuff. It was the disgruntled voices that were the catalyst for change.

    I would also look at the lyrics and listen to the music of:

    Jefferson Airplane
    Jimi Hendrix
    Country Joe and the Fish (Feel Like I'm Fixin to Die Rag)
    Canned Heat
    Vanilla Fudge
    Buffalo Springfield

    There are drug references and anti-war messages in a lot of these, but hey, that was the counter-culture. Probably needs to be acknowledged. The unpopularity of the Vietnam War, and the movement to end it, is one of the biggest stories from the sixties and early seventies. It drove a lot of what went on in literature, music and film. A LOT.

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