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    Time management
    By SGS

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    Hi there! This will be my 17th year teaching, and it's the first year that I feel as though I have a life. I have always lived and breathed school, only sometimes resenting it. For some reason this year I am finding that I have more time when I come home from school. Here are some things that help me with management:

    1. I have created a template of my planbook using microsoft word. Instead of filling in the same routines each week, they are already typed in. Now, I just add the specifics. My plan book is typed and easy to read.

    2. I (try) to do my weekly planning on Thursday evenings. Prior to that I pencil ideas in, but I do my typing at home on Thursdays. It usually takes only an hour. (I do some planning with the special ed. teacher on Friday mornings, so that is why I chose Thursdays.).

    3. We have full access to copiers at my school, along with an aide that will help with such things. I try to make the best use of her and have all my copies run off for the following week by Thursday (planning day).

    4. Speaking of copiers... My Christmas gift from my hubby last year was a personal copier. I have it in my classroom and LOVE it. It's available for me to make transparencies, notes and occasionally a class set of sheets. Invaluable!

    5. I've never loved having my students correct their own papers, or anyone else's for that matter (it's the controling nature in me!). This year we are beginning each math lesson by correcting the previous night's homework. I do still check to make sure they are done, and will occasionally spot check them. What a huge time saver.

    6. I've learned to take care of myself by not assigning more than I can handle. If I know I have an evening obligation coming up, I try to be sure there will not me very much (or any) correcting that night.

    7. Sometimes I do go into school on weekends. Actually, I enjoy doing that, especially if it will help to ensure a good school week.

    8. Try to take care of paperwork "stuff" immediately. Don't let piles stack up.

    9. I really believe that we are better teachers if we are happy teachers. Make time for you and your family!

    I hope this helps.

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