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    Time does not stand still
    By Carol

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    As long as I teach the same grade, the workload decreases. I prepare in the summer and have several units ready to go in almost every subject. This includes tests, review sheets, crossword puzzles, displays, and every aspect I can think of. I can use these from year to year but I always find there are some needs of each class that are different so I do not run off the work until I know it fits the class. It is easy to change something in my computer.

    I also keep any ideas from Web sites onhand and check them out before school. I pull those that I think will work.

    There is still plenty of grading, prep for each day. Despite plan books, I type up a daily sheet that has more information and use it each day. It certainly helps the day run more smoothly.

    Teaching never has been and never will be a 9-3 job despite what the critics say. Think of it as a full time job 9-5 or 8-5 and attempt to work within that structure. Of course there are weeks with almost nothing to do and then weeks where I am overwhelmed. I love giving out reports but when they all come in, I cring because marking each one takes a lot of time.

    I use rubrics which depending on how you look at it, cut down on time or take longer. I still like to personalize the papers and the parents love it so I write encouraging words or praise, in some detail, on each paper.

    I put a lot of time in but a much of it, is my own choice. I could cut it in half but not feel half as good about what I am doing.

    If you are feeling resentful, I would suggest that you find shortcuts. It will eventually come out in the classroom.

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