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    Attack on America
    By Concerned Teacher

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    We were told this morning, in a faculty meeting, that we were to address the students in a manner that was called "A, B, C, D." Simply put, Address the situation. Be honest. Let the students know that this IS REAL. This isn't a movie, nor is it a video game. Be Consistent in your schedules. If you vary from them AT ALL, they will sense that, and will question their safety with you while at school. The D is simply put, Death. Use the word "death" with your students. They NEED to know that there were THOUSANDS of people who senselessly lost their lives while at work, and that even though it wasn't in their neighborhood, it still affects kids like them. Remind them of the kids whose parents worked in New York City in the World Trade Center, and that those children are having to face the fact that their parents will NOT be coming home. I know I sound harsh and angry, but these children are our future, and if we don't start having them realize that EVERY human life has value, then these types of acts will become commonplace to them, and will not faze them in the least.

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