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    vent from Toronto, Canada
    By Jo-Ann

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    Hello to all teachers out there!!! I am enjoying all of the vents and realizing that this job has its stinks all over North America. I teach in a school where most of the students are immigrants and we experience the opposite of many of your complaints-many of our parents just don't care about their kids and their education. I teach grade 8 (all subjects) and at our "meet the teacher (creature)" tonight I expect to see about 8 parents, if I'm lucky. We don't get too many of those in your face parents. I'm not sure which is worse; parents who care too much or parents who don't care at all. As for my education fantasy-each parent should have to take the class on a field trip to a difficult to supervise area, like the zoo or amusement park. That would show them! And to all of those whiner parents out there who like to dump on teachers and their "pampered" lifestyle - why didn't you become a teacher?! Keep up the faith!!!!!

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