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    By Regina

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    Personally, I think that as teachers, we should give credit where it is due. I don't mind sharing with other teachers. When I find ideas on the internet that are cool, I pass it on to my other friends. I don't care about someone copying my ideas. I am sort of a perfectionist, but, I also place a high value on my time. Therefore, if someone wants to spend 20 more hours taking my idea and making it look better, well fine. However, while I am at home lounging by the pool and they are stapling paper to the bulletin board, tell me -- who is the smart one?. To me, it is not cost effective, because, it is not going to get them a raise. We are all paid the same.

    However, here is an interesting case. We have a parent who volunteers to do "artwork" for the school. Well, she has started creating the team logos that look really good. But, what she does is copy major sports teams licensed and trademarked logos. They are not even her own creation. For me, that takes the coping cake!

    Life is too short to be worried over who stole your Social Studies theme. If you found out tomorrow you had cancer, believe me, it would be the last of your worries. Put things in perspective.

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