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    By Val

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    It's a CRUEL profession we belong to! Depending on the grade you teach, you may very well have administrators breathing down your neck reminding you of test scores from years gone by; colleagues "snooping" to see how you're going to "teach to the test" and union people cheering you on! (Rah! Rah! Rah! Go Teacher Go!!)
    After 10 years in the "business," (that's what it REALLY is), I've come to the conclusion that I have to do what is best for ME and MY STUDENTS!!!!
    If someone copies an idea...FINE! (Wasn't there a saying that duplication is the highest form of flattery? Or something like that!) I LOVE when teachers borrrow my ideas. I really could care less!! I've learned that those who are SECURE in what they do, have no problem with the "copy cats." On the other hand, those who are still "testing the waves," unsure of themselves and worrying about student test results, EVERYTHING is going to offend them!! If you're in this thing for the KIDS than ignore those who act like KIDS!!! I have a poem I gave to a friend of mine who is going through the same thing...
    "It's for the kids the things I do! Why are you worried about what I do? Just so they learn and have lots of fun, I'll have a clear conscience when the year is done...REGARDLESS OF WHAT THE TEST SCORES SAY!!
    Carry on my friend! Time is too short to concern yourself with immature teachers who are only in it for SELF GRATIFICATION and GLORIFICATION!!!! Be above that, teach the children and DO YOUR THING!!!

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