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    FOR SGS: Proper Recognition
    By Val

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    I understand how you feel. However, you should know by now that the "professionals" of teaching usually have loss touch with the REAL WORLD. Some haven't been in a classroom for 20 years!! They have very little resources and have no idea what it's like in the trenches!! Depending on how you look at this thing, (this is what helps me) ask yourself...who must I amswer to? Who is my Boss? Depending on your answer, you'll realize (as I have) that it doesn't matter who borrows what, who takes credit or who steals something. "He" will work everything out and it's for "His" children that I do the things I do. "He" will reward you in His own time. I'd rather hear His praises than the praises of a backstabbing, jealous, inconsiderate, insecure so-called friend and colleague!

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