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    Sharing or NOT?
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    Our school has recently become a very sharing place--outwardly. Bubbling just beneath the surface rages a cesspool of one-up-manship. I don't understand it. A novice educator pointed out that our teachers seemed so competetive. I had never noticed. But then I began to see that even amidst sharing, everyone tries to make sure their end result better than the creator who shared the idea in the first place. Competition is so much a part of our life in America. Can we, educators, not let it go even when it means our children would be better if we replaced competition with cooperation. Are we so pompous that we think we can teach children to share generously and work cooperatively when we allow this spirit of competition to rule in our schools? When people have the audacity to ask, "What is wrong with children today?"--I want to say, Look at (not all but some of) the adults who model "appropriate behavior" for them everyday in their classrooms.

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