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    What grade
    By maryteach

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    do you teach? I teach sixth in a middle school, and have a gifted rotation. Here is how I differentiate for them (the book "Teaching Gifted Kids in the Regular Classroom, by Susan Winebrenner, would be a very, very, very helpful resource):

    Not only do you have to have them reading at their level, but they need choice. Consider using lit circles and reader's workshop with them.

    Independent research projects--For my other classes, I will have the library come to me, and we will all choose a Latin American country to research. For the gifted, they're going to the library to do their own topics, and they will present in a variety of ways: PowerPoints, puppet shows, game shows, etc.

    Socratic Seminar--wonderful for all kids, but gifted really benefit. What your seminar is about would depend on your grade level.

    Webquests--those for a higher grade level, about two years above.

    Junior Great Books--if your school has this resource, the gifted do well with it.

    The fact, though, that you're talking about AR reading and chapter books makes me think you're in an elementary school. All of these apply, but at a modified level. Check out Junior Great Books, get online for Socratic Seminar ideas, talk to the librarian about independent research projects, and get the Winebrenner book--you really need that book.

    If I have a gifted reader, I don't want to even touch them with nonsense (AR is nonsense). They shouldn't be needing to buddy read too much. I like the small group project idea. I would continue with that, maybe tweak it.

    There is a board on here for gifted and talented and some teachers who are very experienced with it post on there. There is a teacher who goes by yesteach who is very knowledgable about gifted education. I think her master's might be in gifted education. She would be worth seeking out, as her advice is very good.

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