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    Non-working mom
    By Brendi

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    Hey, I just had to say that my mom never worked and though I loved getting to spend time with her as a small child, I begin to feel smothered as I got older. I wish so much that she had found something she loved to do besides wonder where I was or what I was doing. She even tried to hang around with me and my friends! I wished she had done something besides be my mom 24 7. Now that I am on my own and married she feels left out of my life. She doesn't understand that I work. I don't feel guilty at all about working (I have a 4 year old) I get so bored at home, and I feel I have so much to give to the teaching profession, my son would be miserable if all I did was worry about him or stay at home! So, you may be doing your kids more of a favor than you think. They NEED to be independent! And so do you.

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