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    By mom2six

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    I've had little thieves over the years. Sadly, once it was an adult at our school who did it the time that made me the most :mad:. I wasn't married and had no children to provide for yet, so had extra to spend on my classes. Wow, I only made $12,000 a year teaching back then and somehow had extra money LOL Unimaginable today. Anyway, after buying for my classroom and students, I would spend the rest of my extra monies on children at our school who needed clothing, toys etc and let them be donated anonymously.

    One year, a para took bags of clothes and toys. They were in the closet in my classroom, so not only did she steal, she invaded my space. I was furious. At first, I thought someone had found them when I was absent and turned them in for me. When I asked the social worker about the items after I saw them in her office, she told me the para had bought them for needy kids. I was furious. I didn't care about receiving credit since I usually left them in a bag in our mailroom for the SW to find with a note that they were for needy kids at school. But it infuriated me that the para took advantage of my absence to steal them and then lay claim to them. We didn't have email back then but I so wanted to warn others to watch their possessions around her by posting a note that someone had stolen the items and list them. The SW would have recognized the list and quickly spread the word since she was a gossip. But I let it go.

    The para then bragged at school about how much she'd given for the "poor needy kids". Oh, I get mad still thinking of it.:mad:

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