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    40kids 2 teachers 1 room (long)
    By Kesele

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    I am in a similiar situation. My partner and I found out about our 40 kids deal about ten days before the first day (which is tomorrow, yay!). I want to commend you for being concerned about the other teacher's feelings. At first, I thought that this team teaching thing would be challenging, fun, and it would benefit the kids to have two qualified teachers. BUT for the last couple of days I have been feeling as though my partner is steam rollering me - or I am allowing it to happen. I guess I have a different style of thinking than she does...I cannot plan on the spot and match my thoughts with another person. I have to let ideas simmer for a while (on my own). So yes, Yikes, keep this in mind if/when another teacher comes into the classroom.

    A friend of mine keeps telling me that I am in it for the students - which goes without saying. I am trying hard to get over myself, and not allow my ego to get in the way of the kids, but I feel like I might have a problem with my partner when it comes to planning. For instance - the other day, we were talking about the first week of school, and certain actvities we would do. I hadn't really thought about the first week of school previous to this little meeting, so I didn't have many ideas. She seemed to want to plan right then and there, down to what time we would do each activity and what we would say...I had nothing to add to all of her ideas.

    Another thing that bugs me (a little?) is that she has made almost every bulletin board, she assigned the students their numbers and their seats, she developed the the behavior system, the quiet signals, the attention signals, and other assorted things. Don't get me wrong, they are fine ideas, but I felt left out of this process. This weekend, I realized that no part of that classroom reflected something from *me,* so I went in alone for about eight to ten hours each day (Friday Saturday and I'm going today, which is Sunday) to add to the classroom, clean, and what not. I felt much better afterward.

    I hope I don't sound nit picky...I do not know how team teaching works. Does anyone out there have any advice for me? Can anyone explain the mechanics of it, or does it depend on the pair of teachers? Yes, I can come on out and tell my coworker that I feel left out, but what will that do? Maybe I should let this go and be sure to address the issue if something more important is at issue?

    I don't want to have residual feelings of disatisfaction for the year. I really do want what is best for the kids, so it probably shouldn't matter who does what as long as it gets done, but I can't help feeeling this feeling right now.

    Sorry for rambling. This is my first vent...

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