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    Tattling Parents
    By DJ/NC

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    I'm just guessing, but you teach honors, right? Yeah, yeah, I'm stereotyping, but they're the parents that I had tattling on me. My principal acted the same way. He'd say, "If I were you, I'd just make this problem go away." Meaning that I was to do whatever the parent of the moment asked for. They thought they could tell me which class rules to enforce, which assignments to give and even how to grade assignments (one dad sent me a one-page email telling me how I should have deducted only .025somethingsomething for one question, etc.!!!!). I know you've already taken the first step to solving this dilemma which is to assess the parents' complaints to see if there's a pattern, if there really is something there. Mine were all over the map..from grading to what kind of folder I required to the kinds of assignments I required to my nauseum!!!! I'll bet yours are, too. But if they're not, find a way to improve in the one or two areas you've received complaints about.
    Otherwise, there are two ways to solve this problem: stop teaching honors, if that's the level you have. And post class info on the internet. Most parents seem to complain that their child would have followed the rules if only he/she had known them. Ha! Never mind the handouts and speeches and notices on the board...So I am on the net now. However, this is my first year of trying this, so I cannot guarantee that the overprotective p's won't run to the principal's office anyway. Thank heavens for the sane parents and students! I do encounter some and that can keep you going in this profession.

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