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    By Sue

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    For the homework, I use a gradebook program that lets me weight grades. Usually, I assign homework that is not for grades -- but for practice or study for a test. However, if you weight the homework category so that it is worth only 10% or 20% of their total score, you and the parent should get a more realistic representation of the child's capabilities. Make sure the parents know that.

    As for the parent "hanging" out before and after class. I would be friendly and greet them, but then get quickly to business. Send out a parent letter stating your times and methods of receiving calls -- we specify before and after school. Don't set the precident of calling them at home at night -- especially from your own house (caller ID -- they can start calling you). Call after school -- up to one hour. If they have questions -- be adamant about scheduling a meeting.

    I know several parents who are that involved with their children, probably more so if there have been chronic or severe illnesses in the child's life. If you have never had a child that had severe allergic reactions and had to stay in the hospital, it is hard to understand the amount of worry that a parent has. So her concern may be genuine.

    As for the illnesses, what were they besides allergies? Does the child require an Epi pen? What other problems has he had? What about his attendance record last year? Any way, sometimes medication can cause hyperactivity, drowsiness, and other things that can effect classroom performance they dont' show up on cognition tests.
    I am sure you know that (duh). Maybe the child is afraid to do anything on their own. (If parents do the homework, they may feel inadequate on their own in class.)

    Finally, if you suspect some sort of problem with the mother -- (like that Munch Housens (?) by proxy thing on movies of the week) -- just start documenting. Some people do dwell on their children and seem to live their whole lives again through them. Having a sick child can get someone extra attention and sympathy that they wouldn't normally recieve for their own merits.

    Good luck and keep us updated!

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