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    6 traits
    By Mego418

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    I teach 1st grade, and we teach all 6 traits. Always, always start with ideas. The kids needs to learn how to get an idea to write about - they shouldn't alway rely on the teacher to give them a prompt. I spend the first 3-4 weekes on ideas, and I do a lot of read-alouds and story talk. For example, I'll read a book about family and think-aloud "Wow! This book made me think of a time when my family went on a vacation. We went to the lake, just like this family. I think I'll write about that!" Then I will model kidwriting about my vacation to the lake.

    I also give the students a sheet to put in their writer's notebook. It has things like "My favorite things...", "Things that I know a lot about..", "Things that are important to me..", "Things I remember...". They draw/write on this sheet, and they can go back to it later in the year for an idea.

    After you talk about ideas, you'll want to go to Organization - teach how there's always a beginning, middle, and end to a story. Again, use A LOT of literature to model that ALL stories have a beg, mid, end.

    From there, I go to Word Choice, Voice, and Fluency. Conventions are taught year-round through grammar lessons outside of writing, and I usually bring in a mini-lesson if I notice the whole class doing something strange.

    Most importantly, give your students choice about what they want to write about (this is why the IDEAS trait is so important), and make sure they write EVERY DAY!!

    Let me know if you have any questions!

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