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    you are right
    By another me

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    ...and with that, I will start work tomorrow proud to know that there are many of us who are rewarded for the right reasons for the job we do!
    Yes, education has its ups and downs, and if you let the downs direct your attitude, then naturally, you may become disillusioned by the system. If you let the ups serve as your rewards and you are not bothered by the public perception, then you have chosen your career for all the right reasons. This debate can go on forever--many of us are happy with our jobs and what we do, and we will defend our positions until the end! Others are not so passionate and they, too, are entitled to make their points. Healthy debate is good for the mind and soul. It awakens us to the positives and negatives of our jobs and encourages us to stand up for what we believe in! Many EVERY teacher have a wonderful and fulfilling school year, and may those who are embroiled in the problems that plague our jobs continue to make their voices heard!

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