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    By volstate

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    Thank you for your story. I agree, it is those situations for which NCLB is a good thing.

    Let me also address the benchmark issue. My district gives benchmarks to assess how students are doing. Often there are standards that we have not taught. That doesn't mean the data is useless as some of you seem to think. In that case, it becomes a pre-assessment. The benefit is also that you see who might need to reteach concepts too for the standards you did teach. We do math stations once a week or once every two weeks ( depending on various factors). This allows us to break students down into enrichment and remediation groups. This takes time no doubt. However, our instruction is more on target for what those students need.

    * Not to step on toes here because the people who respond on this board are highly likely not in this group. If teachers had been working harder to meet the needs of ALL students then his legislation would not have been needed. I HATED KINDERGARTEN because in those days many teachers believed that reading shouldn't begin until 1st. When I asked to read that is what my teacher told me. However, I entered Kindergarten reading and was bored sitting there while everyone else was learning what the letters sounded like. Thankfully, in 1st grade my teacher quickly realized that I had a very high reading level and ensured that I was challenged. Likewise with my brother, he went several years with teachers just assuming he was lazy until a teacher final cared enough to push for testing. He had a math disability ,received the appropriate interventions , and exited out of the program in 11th grade. He cried in 8th grade thinking he would not be able to attend college, but the HS counselors worked to ensure he was prepared to go. I know we can't reach every single one, but for some reason as teachers we want to think that all of us are giving it all we got. I work with teachers that I know are NOT giving it all they have, and it makes me so angry.

    Sorry about my soap box here. I know I am preaching to the choir.

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