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    Lost Project
    By clues

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    Many things can happen to a project.

    1. Kid lost it and does not want to admit it.
    2. He/she thinks they turned it in, and it is sitting at home, in their desk, or in their locker.
    3. It got lost somewhere in the room.
    4. Someone decided it would be funny to take his project and hide it for awhile.

    #4 happened to my son! Major project with packet and large poster due. He took everything to school the day it was due, I watched him do the project and watched him walk in the school doors with it. The kids sit in the commons area before the bell, then they go to their lockers. He had his project with his backpack sitting in the same area as all his friends. Two girls decided to take his project and put it in one of the girls locker. Well, when it was time to pick up all items and go to class, his project was gone. He reported it and the teacher decided not to believe him. She claimed he never did the project, so I had to get involved. He redid the entire project and what happened next? I am sure you can guess. The two girls came to this particular teacher with his project and claimed they found it in the commons and one of them put it in her locker and forgot it was there! FOR AN ENTIRE WEEK!
    Give me a break! Did the girls get into trouble or get points deducted from their grade for the trouble they caused. NO! My son should have earned extra credit for completing the project twice.

    So, ask mom if she saw her child work on the project or helped him. Ask her when he completed it and brought it to school. This is will give you some clues on if the student actually did the work. If someone mysteriously finds it, ask questions.

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