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    Winter Program
    By ecobug

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    Our school has done a "winter program", the district title for the past 10 years. Prior to that we had a Christmas Concert. The change came with our new music teacher. She is fantastic. The entire school, K-6, participates in the performance. The PTA rents out the local theatre for 24 hours at a cost of $2500, way too extravagant but we have no space at our site to fit the whole school (300 kids). There is a K production- mostly a parade of the K with background music they are to sing to. A 1-3 full blown production with the 3 being the cast of the play and the remaining students as the chorus. The past 3 years my class has been the cast. It takes a lot of class time to prepare since we only have music class once a week for 35 minutes. We're talking a 30-45 minute play with props, costumes, the works. Then after the intermission there is the 4-6 production. The 6th grade is the cast. The plays are titled things like: Bubble Gum Bart and Christmas at the OK Corral (3rd grade). They cover most of the celebrations for December. Our school isn't too diverse in the religion department. We have one Sikh family, no JW to deal with, one muslim family. The daughter of the Muslim family was the star of the production a few years pack. And a couple of her sisters have been soloists. We will only have two more of these extravaganzas since the music teacher will be retiring in 2010. Who knows what the new one will do? We are under reconstruction at our site with a new multi-use room in the works. Perhaps we will have a stage and can save the $2500 in rental? Who knows what times will bring.

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