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    some ideas
    By tia

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    a few things we do:

    *have "Tiger Teams"--tiger mascot--and all classes are set up into 4 teams (different types of tigers)--like Harry Potter Hogwarts Houses--they earn house points--we earn Tiger Tickets (basicallly "caughtyas") for good behavior. at end of quarter, whichever team has the most, they get Krispy Kremes. (additionally, i have a deal where if my class earns 10 in a day, we earn a piece toward a class reward)---in the past, it's been a letter in We Are Awesome, and then they get something--extra recess, brownies with lunch, read in....this year we have a Game theme, so i'm actually stringing Monkeys from a Barrel--and when they're all out, we get a prize.

    *principal has Wall of Fame--teachers are supposed to give her a name or two of someone who's done something well over the week on friday--she posts a note on bulletin board and announces on monday announcements.

    *playground kid of the week--gets picture on board and i think, gets a $5 gift card somewhere...(one for primary and one for intermediate)

    *quarterly awards assemblies--Honor Roll, citizenship, and a catch-all category where teachers can make up their own; we also give PE awards for most sit ups, stretch, and mile run. after basketball season and track, certificates are given for that. choir, band, and orch give out awards. (so every kid should be able to earn something!)

    *i have a behavior program in my room where if students have a behavior issue, their "weekly tracker" gets punched on the day. all kids that have no punches on friday get their tracker put in for a drawing, and i draw 3 names to win a prize--things like cool pens, giant paperclip, book cover, postits, etc

    *we have a student council--prez, vp, sec, treas, and 1 or 2? reps from each classroom 4-6.

    i'm not sure what all in that creates a positive atmosphere--it would be a good survey question to ask my sixth graders....maybe i'll get around to that...i'm sure it also has to do with asking for their opinions and getting their input in decision making; having a sense of humor; making things fun/interesting--a variety of projects; learning games, etc...

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