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    By Valerie

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    I was sadden by your comment but thankful at the same time. (You mentioned that you've quit!) I don't know what some people expect when they enter the teaching profession! We are the most disrespected, most blamed, least paid, most questioned and most ignored. No other profession has the obstacles that teaching has. But then, no other profession has the REWARDS that teaching has. If you entered teaching to make a difference in the life of a child than you should also expect tocome across verbal abuse, thankless parents, disrespectful children, noncaring colleagues (who need to retire); confused administration and like-minded teachers. When I look at the salaries of professional athlethes I get angry. These people will see more money in a year than I will see in a lifetime! But what have they accomplished?
    Have they had the power to captivate a mind, encourage a soul and change the direction of a wayward student? I dare say no. What I do as I teacher will LAST A LIFETIME! Who knows what my students will grow up to become. My ownly prayer is that I educate them and excite them enough so that when they become adults they don't become cynical, bitter and DISRESPECTFUL TO TEACHERS!!

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