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    Sorry you feel that way....
    By BBQ

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    While no job is perfect and we all think the grass is greener on the other side....I don't think teaching is as bad as you have made it sound. Maybe your situation is a bad representation of the profession, but in my experience, I do not see teachers the way you do as spineless and trampled.

    Yes, our job is tough and we encounter more than what most people do in their normal workday...and I'll agree...we don't always get the recognition that we deserve...but if you enjoy teaching for what it is...and what you do for your helps you get over that.

    The school I work is filled with teachers who never cease to amaze me with their creativity, commitment and care. I work in a school for special needs students and trust me, its not an easy job. But, despite discouraging parents or large caseloads, or the never ending amount of paperwork...they are there every day and making a world of difference to these kids. And loving every minute of it.

    I come home exhausted and sometimes upset...but all it takes is one thank you from a parent or one small success from a student or even a bit of encouragement from a colleague...and I konw why I'm here...because I love what I do and I love the students I work with. My mom says I talk about my students as if they were my own children...even while I was apart from them over the summer...I have missed the students and have missed the peers I work with. As much as I have enjoyed a break this summer, I can't wait to go back to school and start all over again.

    How many professionals get to work for a year...then sit back, evaluate how it went..and start over again with the hopes of doing it better and seeing the improvements in yourself and the people your work effects? Not many I know of.

    I'm not just a teacher, but I'm an advocate...a nurse, a mother, a friend, and so much more to these kids. Sometimes their own families don't understand them or what they do...and they know that I can help them. Who knew that I could make that much of a difference to even one person? And if I'm NOT feeling like what I'm doing is worthwhile..then I need to sit back and evaluate myself...

    I don't think striking is the answer. If you don't think your union is representing you well enough..then why not get involved with it and do something about it yourself? Don't blame them for not doing what you want them to do. You are the spark that starts the flame. Industry turns to strikes often but so what....other than them and their families...who does that really effect? But when teachers strike..think how many people and futures that effects? Countless....My union works quite effectively with our administration for a win-win situation that tries to benefit both sides. (We have even won an award for it...) But, we can't always sit back and expect someone else to do the work...we have to be a part of the process.

    I'm sorry to hear another teacher so discouraged and give up. I know there's no perfect school or classroom or educational world...but I take pride in what I do and what my colleagues do and thank God every day that he has allowed me to do something I love so much.

    I hope you find what you're looking for in another profession.


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