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    By Gray

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    I'd never bring an animal into that type of situation. I teach kids that could treat a sub like the way she described above. I KNOW my students and that is exactly why we don't have a class pet. I had fish once- until my classroom was broken into during the weekend and the students put Comet/Ajax cleaner in the tank. The culprits happened to be 2nd graders at the school I was teaching at. I can only fathom what my 6th graders would do to a poor defenseless animal.

    As for music, I tried that avenue during the holidays and played jazz music as they entered homeroom. Well, that lasted all of five minutes, because several students began dancing to the rap station they had changed it to and had the volume blaring to boot. That day my CD player went home.

    Don't get me wrong animals and music can work in some situations. Just expect the unexpected and go from there.

    By the way, even with all of the above, I wouldn't trade my kids for the best blue ribbon award winning school students. Inner city kids are the best!

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