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    no a/c in schools
    By Kara

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    I too teach in Virginia. I recently left a school system in Central Virginia because of much the same conditions that have been mentioned before. I had to figure out a way to cool the room with only 3 outlets, one of which was for the computers.

    Bugs, gushing water from the roof when it rains, no air circulation. The solution for my room when we had no heat for 5 days was for my entire class to double up with another from my grade level. Hard to teach in those conditions.

    Our building wasn't fixed because parts are no longer available, and the school system had to cut several postitions the end of January this year because they couldn't meet their budget. Imagine not knowing whether you would have a paycheck each payday in addition to these other problems.

    I can tell you from experience that not ALL school in the south have AC, and it can get down right miserable.

    Suggestion, if able, apply to other areas and districts. It might be better. If you do this start early, many places start with job fairs and interviews before Christmas.

    Good luck to all those in this situation. I can totally sympathize with you.

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