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    By Strega Nona

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    Here is how I manage my centers when I taught second grade for nine years. I used a pocket chart and have the names of each kid on a index card. I used different color markers for each guided reading group. This is the instructional level of the kids. For example: my highest group is purple, the next group is blue, then red, green and my lowest was orange. I always have five groups for guided reading and I have no more than six students in a group. I have about ten or more centers where two kids go to a center at a time. This made it easy to manage when I had behavior problems, which I did every year. With Storytown you get I think four or five (planned already for you) centers. You get computers, writing, word sort and I forget the rest of the top of my head. I would use them and make some more centers like: buddy reading, library center, big book center, building words (I used a pocket chart in my front door for that center), overhead center, work game center (like bingo, puzzles,...), and read the room center. I made an icon for each center (you will get ones for the Storytown centers). I would get the rest of my centers pictures from google images. I would start with one guided reading group at a time. But when you get use to it, I would do two/three rotations. You want to see your lowest group as much as you can like everyday and your highest group one/two times a week. Guided Reading is about 20 - 30 minutes and no more. First, I would introduce one or two centers a day and when I taught how to do all the centers, I would watch the kids for the first couple of days to see what they were doing for management and to make sure they were doing the center correctly. I would have two-four different things to do at each center to keep them busy. I would have a folder for each child so they could put their work in it. I would collect the folders once a month and use as a grade, especially writing. I hope this helps.

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