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    reading strategies
    By imalith

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    I understand. These strategies had me totally baffled for awhile and I finally think I have them figured out.

    Drawing a conclusion is based on written evidence from the story, so you can make a determination. You can pick out evidence and examples to support your idea. (Pandas only eat bamboo. The panda is eating. What is the panda eating?)

    Inference is when you "read between the lines". The author does not come out and tell you, but you just know from the reading. (Bob's favorite color is blue, he is wearing his favorite shirt. What color do you think the shirt is?)

    Making a judgment is when you have evidence to support different ideas, but you pick one idea and someone can pick another. (not necessarily right or wrong). What is the best idea based on the evidence in the story?

    To teach these different concepts, I teach them individually, because of the confusion and then finally place them side by side and discuss the differences. To teach each concept we use reading passages. Nothing fancy.

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