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    Counting Money
    By V-Ice

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    I posted a strategy the other day to another Money post. I found this strategy on the internet last year and it works so well. I was even observed during the 2nd day of money unit and it went so well. Even my low kids did really well with counting the coins.

    I use a Touch Point strategy. Each touch point is worth 5, so when the kids count up the coins, they are counting by 5's. On top of each coin, students draw a dot. Nickels get 1 dot, dimes get 2 dots, quarters get 5 dots and half-dollars get 10 dots. After students write their dots on all of their coins, they touch each dot with their pencil and count by 5's.

    I have the students count the pennies last because you count them by 1's. I am actually looking forward to teaching money this year because this strategy works so well! If you have any questions, let me know!

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