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    My favorite Halloween Lesson
    By yesteach

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    I wasn't sure where to put this so I decided I'd just post it here.. it's more of an intermediate and up type lesson, even though I've done it once with fourth graders.. they just didn't get it though...

    I have an old radio recording of War of the Worlds - the 1930s version that created panic on Halloween. I tell the kids the background information about how people thought it was real and a panic started... they all laugh of course..

    I then turn off the lights, turn on a lamp (or if you have windows just use the natural lighting) and start the "radio" (if you don't have a copy, there are MANY online - I've been doing this for over 10 years, so I'm "pre-internet" :))

    While the students listen, I give them a sheet of paper - manila, art paper, whatever you have handy... and have them draw a scene from the story while they're listening... before the movie, I got more original artwork!

    It's so funny, because they start out making fun of it... and drawing their pictures.. but those who really get absorbed in it... are glued to the recording, just like those people were glued to the radio so many years ago. I've even had groups over the year who want to know if they can listen to the "rest of the stories" - I have a whole collection. We'd spend the last 30-45 mins every Friday listening to an old radio show.. the kids loved it.

    I came up with this idea because when I was in junior high, my brother in fifth grade - we bought an old radio recording of it, and sat in the dark in the living room one afternoon and listened... even when you start out knowing it's all a 'show', there comes a point when you get lost in the storytelling and for just a while you can see how people thought it was real...

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