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    By TeacherCarrie

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    I use Marzano's strategies every week. Since I have a projector and ActivBoard I inroduce the week's vocabulary using Power Point slides. For each word, I introduce it to them using a sentence I write with the vocabulary word and then the sentence from the story containing the word. They then brainstorm what the word means using the context clues. Having the sentence from the book helps them recognize it when they read it in the story. The slide after that has the word again, the kid-friendly definition, and an image (I usually get them on Google) to give them that visual helps them bring in their background knowledge for many of the words.

    Then, when they work on vocabulary throughout the week I have them fill out a graphic organizer. This is for each word:
    The word is... = they write the word
    It means... = they find the definition in the glossary (they are not to use the definition I put on the slide)
    It reminds me of... = they write a quick desription about what they think of when they think of this word
    Let me show you... = they draw a picture of what it reminds them of
    Sentence = use it in context

    These strategies are incredibly helpful for ELL students. Ninety percent of my students get 100% on their vocabulary test at the end of the week.:D

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