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    intervention idea
    By tripteach

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    I don't know what math series you use but I use Everyday math and this is how I work my interventions in my second grade class. I think you could do it with any series during the independent.

    I use the independent work of EDM (called their mathboxes) as my time to meet with intervention groups. The children not in my intervention groups work in partnerships to get the math boxes done. They are not to give answers to each other but to help one another- coach and teach eachother. If neither one of them can figure it out they leave the box blank and then go on to another one- if I am lucky enough to have an adult helper in the room that day they can ask the adult for help too, but only after they have exhausted all that they know themselves. Then when the boxes are finished they go to the answer table where I have answer sheets for them to take to their seats to check their answers. They may only use a pen to grade their papers so I can see where they have had problems. They may also label any box where they still don't understand a problem with a question mark. This allows me to see who is still struggling where. I have modelled and modelled this process and it is going very well. When the students are finished with their mathboxes they go on to do their number scrolls or they may practice their triangle flashcards. Perhaps soon I will let them play EDM games as well.

    It is during this time that I then pull my kiddos who need extra help. I choose the kids who, even after the EDM post test are still having problems in a certain area. For example, this week I worked with a group of kids who still did not get fact families, on the post test those 7 kiddos were still completely lost! So I pulled them back and taught fact families for 4 days and then I retested them (a very brief assessment) on Friday and all but one can now do fact families. My groups are very flexible. I also look at math boxes to see if there is a certain area where a group of kids or individuals are falling down in. My plan is to even meet at times with my very highest kiddos to challenge them in multiplication or decimals or whatever.

    This really works well for me. So then I use one of the assessment pages out of EDM math masters. I write the childrens' pretest score on a certain skill, their post test score and their score after interventions. The page that I keep track of that is in the back of the book- if someone wants the exact page let me know and I will post that too. It is great for data reviews if your school is into that like ours is.

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