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    My Top 5 Teaching Strategies
    By T. Winquist

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    Hi Joyce!

    Here are my Top 5 Strategies:

    1) OFFER CHOICES- Even if it is only a choice between 2 tasks.(Helps to develop student ownership)

    2) LEARN AT LEAST ONE FACT OF EACH STUDENT- You can use interest inventories, autobiographical timelines, or simply take the time to talk with each student one-to-one.(Not only supports student-teacher relationship but also can provide ideas in developing curriculum).

    3) MODEL- Provide an example of how you want something completed and model the behavior you want your students to exhibit.(Increases chances of student success).

    4) REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT- Students can never hear instructions/directions enough. (This is one way to increase listening skills).

    5) TEACH WITH HUMOR AND LOVE- It is not enough to simply know theory. You must touch student's hearts in order to help impact their minds. (This tip will ensure your success as a teacher).

    Hope this helps...Good Luck!

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